Kitah Launches two Home-based Learning Plans for the Upcoming School Year

Building on its successful online learning model combining guided, online self-study with exciting, educational Zoom lessons, Kitah unveils its class schedule for the 2022-2023 school year providing online Torah learning for students around the world.

This year, parents can choose the best plan that fits their child’s needs and learning style. In the “Chumash and Navi” plan, students will study Chumash Shemot and Navi Shmuel Aleph and meet for a weekly Zoom on Sunday’s at 12:00pm EST. In the “Mishnah and Gemara” plan, students will study Mishnah Berachot and Gemara Eilu Metziot.

Over the past two years, we’ve had tremendous success in building students’ skills and understanding of the fundamental texts critical to building Jewish knowledge and identity. Now, parents and their children can choose the subjects that are most relevant for both their skill level and their interest, in order to tailor a learning program best for them.

Each plan costs $119/month per child, giving Jewish families around the world meaningful Jewish learning at an affordable price.

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