Welcome to Kitah

Kitah provides Jewish learning materials for Middle School aged children, with customized courses in Chumash, Navi, Mishnah, and Gemara.

Are your children learning at home or not attending Jewish day school? Are you looking to supplement their Jewish knowledge and skills? If so, our Kitah Home Jewish Learning Program is for you and for them!

Kitah is an innovative online Jewish home learning program for kids. We offer interactive, intuitive learning led by experienced professional teachers, focusing on text study and skills acquisition through the study of classic Judaic subjects. Our courses are calibrated to appeal to children from Grades 5 through 8.

Kitah is an online Jewish home learning program built by professional Judaic Studies teachers. We provide Jewish families with an affordable way to incorporate high quality skills-based Jewish learning into their children’s weekly schedule. Kitah is for homeschooling kids, kids not in Jewish Day school, or families looking for enhanced Jewish lessons.

Kitah offers two plans to choose from: Tanach (Chumash and Navi) and Mishnah & Gemara, allowing you to select the most appropriate courses for each of your children.

Our two-week free trial gives new families the chance to test out Kitah and see how it can improve your children’s Jewish education and abilities.

Kitah’s on-demand courses allow students to choose the best time during the week to complete their lessons. Every week we send them video-based lessons to watch with questions to answer, followed by a live online classroom lesson. Here we discuss the material studied, and play interactive games with other students using the words we have learned. Kitah is challenging, fun and educational – just what all Jewish learning should be!

Try out some of our interactive games here!

What Do Kitah Families Say about Learning with Kitah?

Are you a professional educator or school administrator looking for a digital learning platform for Limudei Kodesh? You can bring the entire catalog of Kitah courses to your school for a single yearly licensing fee. Click here to learn more about Kitah for Schools, offered through our partnership with Herzog Global.