Course Description: Mishnah Sukkah

Course Name: MIshnah Sukkah
Teacher: Rabbi Reuven Spolter
Text Studied: Mishnah Sukkah, Chapters 1-3
For Grades: 5-8
General Course Description:
Mishnah Sukkah is one of the first tractates taught to children beginning their study of Torah She’beal Peh. It introduces students to basic concepts fundamental to Mishnah study, including the notion of arguments, applying halachic logic, and understanding rabbinic terminology. It’s also an area of halachah that kids are familiar with, making the study more approachable and fun.
In this course, we’ll cover the first two chapters of Masechet Sukkah, which cover the laws of the construction of the Sukkah, and many other aspects connected to the fulfilment of the commandment to “dwell” in the Sukkah over Sukkot.

The student will learn the following skills during this course: 

  • How to read and translate the Mishnah texts
  • The connection between the verses in the Torah and how the rabbis in the Mishnah interpreted them
  • The application of the rules in the Mishnah in the real world
  • How to chart an argument in the Mishnah
  • Basic fundamental Mishnah terminology and vocabulary
  • Basic commentary of Rav Ovadia of Bartenura on the Mishnah
In this course, we’ll see many different diagrams and pictures of the Sukkot we learn about in the Mishnah

The student will learn the following Judaic knowledge

  • The basic halachic requirements of a Sukkah
  • What are the halachic qualities of kosher Schach? How much schach does a Sukkah need?
  • How many walls must a Sukkah have? How high must they be?
  • Can one eat outside the Sukkah?
  • Must a person sleep in the Sukkah?
  • Can you put a Sukkah on a truck? What about a boat?

The text of the Mishnah is punctuated and organized for easy comprehension, and charts help understand arguments in the Mishnah

Number of lessons: 18
Sample Lesson: You can progress through the lesson to get a sense of how we present and organize Kitah materials. To access the sample lesson click here.

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