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The Kitah Basic Plan includes:

  • Three weekly asynchronous lessons (on-demand videos) on Chumash, Tanach and Mishnah.
  • Online oversight and feedback – we’ll review and grade each student’s lessons each week.

The Kitah Basic Plan is designed for parents looking for structured material to learn together with their children. We offer the best curriculum for homeschool Judaic Studies, with full professional support.

When you enroll in the Kitah Basic home-school Judaic Studies program, we will schedule a conversation to get acquainted, learn about your family’s needs, and discuss the program. Each week during the school year, we will send you the material for three lessons in the following subjects:

1. The Ten Tests of Avraham (Chumash Bereishit) with Rabbi Reuven Spolter
2. Mishnah Sukkah with Rabbi Reuven Spolter
3. Megillat Rut with Mrs. Adina Blaustein

While most students who learn on the Kitah home-school Judaic Studies program study all three subjects, some children study only two of the three subjects, based on their preferences and learning ability.

Kitah learning is asynchronous:  home-school students can complete their Kitah Judaic Studies assignments at their own pace over the course of a week, together with their parents or siblings. (There is no Zoom class included in this Plan.)

Our expert educators offer online oversight and feedback – we’ll review and grade your child’s lessons each week. This offers parents a great way to reinforce their Judaic Studies homeschooling with professional curriculum development and pedagogic support.

The Kitah Basic Plan for Judaic Studies home-schooling is $99/monthly for the entire family.

Further Information:
To learn more about the Kitah Basic Jewish learning plan, fill out the form at the top of this page or contact us to schedule a conversation.

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