Chumash Bamidbar Part 1 Sample Lesson

Below you’ll find a sample of the seventh lesson in the Chumash Bamidbar Part 1 course. In this lesson students learn about the three different camps that the Jewish people organized into in the Midbar.

Chumash Shemot Part 1 Lesson 7 – The Three Camps

What is Teshuvah? A Kitah High Holidays Lesson for Families and Children

How does Kitah work? Each video lesson is divided into smaller sections, with questions after each section.

Watch this lesson with your children, and then answer the questions together. You can find other Kitah holiday lessons here.

What is Teshuva Graphic

Lesson Description:
As we look forward to the High Holidays, Teshuvah (Repentance) is on our minds. What is Teshuvah, and how do we do it? In this lesson, we look at the pesukim that teach us about the Mitzvah of Teshuvah, and Rambam’s explanation about the elements of Teshuvah.

Mishnah Berachot Sample Lesson

Below you’ll find a sample of the first lesson in the Mishnah Berachot course.

Lesson 1: Chapter 1 Mishnah 1 Lesson 1: Why Do we Recite Shema at Night?

Understanding the first chapter of Shema is the key to explaining why we recite Shema at all, and why specifically at night.