Course Description: Chumash Bamidbar Part 2

Course Name: Chumash Bamidbar Part 2
Teacher: Rabbi Reuven Spolter
Text Studied: Sefer Bamidbar, Chapters 12-20
For Grades: 5-8
General Course Description:
Sefer Bamidbar chronicles the counting of the Jewish people, as they make the slow transition from a nation of slaves to an army capable of conquering the Holy Land.

This course covers:

  • The punishment of the rabble-rousers
  • Miriam’s lashon hara and punishment
  • The meraglim, their sin and the punishment of the Jewish peole
  • The mitzvah of tzitzit
  • Korach’s uprising and punishment
  • The well of Miriam and her death
  • Moshe hits the rock

The student will learn the following during this text-based course:

  • How to read and translate the text of the Torah
  • How to divide up pesukim in order to better understand the chumash
  • How to recognize and decode verbs in the chumash and identify shorashim (roots)
  • Understanding selected comments of Rashi, Midrash and selected mefarshim
  • How to identify key words (milah manchah) that repeat in the text and understand their importance

The student will learn the following Judaic knowledge

  • What caused the nation to believe the spies’ wicked report?
  • What are the forces that lead to challenging of leadership?
  • Lashon hara: About Moshe, about the Land of Israel: Why do we do it, and what’s so terrible about it?
  • Why did Hashem prevent Moshe from entering Eretz Yisrael?

Number of lessons: 20
Sample Lesson: To view a sample lesson click here

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