Kitah Featured in EJewish Philanthropy

Kitah is a feature article in today’s eJewishPhilanthropy newsletter. We were featured along with the Gesher homeschooling program.

Thanks so much to Daniela Cohen for her thought-provoking question, and the Kitah parent Suri Kinzbrunner and teacher Rabbi Gavi Ziegler who generously gave of their time to speak about their Kitah experiences.If you’re looking for meaningful learning next year for your child (or know a family that’s looking), reach out to see if Kitah is right for you!

Rabbi Spolter of Kitah on JM Sunday with Mattes Weingast

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Recently, Rabbi Reuven Spolter was a guest on the JM Sunday program with host Mattis Weingast.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Rabbi Spolter explained how Kitah is designed and some of the benefits that Kitah can bring to the Jewish classroom.

You can listen to the file below, and we’d love to hear your feedback!