Kitah 5783 Google Classroom Links

Kitah 5783 Google Classroom Links

If you’re a Kitah 5783 Student, you can use this page to access your Google Classroom and any assignments. Click on the banner to access a class.

Are you a parent interested in enrolling your child in a Kitah class (it’s never too late to start!)? Contact Rabbi Spolter.

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Registration for the 5781 Kitah Classroom is Now Open!

We are very excited to announce that expert Torah and technology educator Rabbi Jonathan Simons has agreed to serve as the first Kitah Classroom teacher. Rabbi Simons is an experienced Torah teacher and is also a trained consultant in educational technology. Most importantly, he recognizes the importance of connecting with his students and giving them the best possible learning experience. You can read Rabbi Simons’ bio on our Staff Page.

With Rabbi Simons’ position secured, we are very excited to officially open registration for the 5781 Kitah Classroom.

Dates and Schedule:
The first Kitah Classroom class begins on Monday, September 7th, 2020
. (We know that this is Labor Day in the United States, but remember that all KITAH classroom lessons are asynchronous. While the lessons will be assigned on Monday, your child can study at any time throughout the week.)

The first class will study two courses weekly:
1. Chumash Shemot with Rabbi Johnny Solomon
2. Mishnah Berachot with Rabbi Reuven Spolter
Each course is twenty weekly lessons. With the completion of those courses, students will begin new classes.

Kitah Classroom is priced with families in mind. The cost is $99 per month per family.

To register your children please fill out the contact form here, and we’ll be in touch!

We’re looking forward to seeing your children in the classroom!