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We have designed Kitah as more than an online Hebrew School. It encourages independent learning and rewards effort. It allows each student to learn in their own time at their own pace, and then brings students together for interactive online class sessions with an experienced and inspiring teacher.

Kitah uses a tried-and-tested flipped-classroom learning strategy, where students complete learning tasks during the week and then join online discussions with teachers and other students based on their learning.

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As the ultimate upgrade to the Hebrew school experience, Kitah offers online Jewish Studies courses modelled on the highly-successful Khan Academy model, where students work at their own pace using content created by Jewish education experts.

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Is your child ready to study Chumash, Tanach, Mishnah or Gemara? We provide you with a structured approach to reading and understanding key Jewish texts. You can learn through this material with your children in your own time, helping them to improve their skills and develop a relationship with their Jewish heritage.

If your own Hebrew School experience was less than ideal, you will love our new improved online Hebrew School! We believe in empowering Jewish parents to choose the right level of Jewish Studies for their child, and then build partnerships with our experienced teachers for a highly motivated and successful Jewish learning experience.

Our upgraded online Hebrew school is designed for families of all sizes, so choose the Kitah plan that works best for you.

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