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The Online Jewish Classroom for Families and Home Schooling

Are you a Jewish family home schooling your children? Is your child in day school, but you’re looking for great resources to improve your child’s Jewish learning skills? We built Kitah at Home to help.

Join the families from across the United States whose children are already enjoying the program each week.

We are proud to offer parents three Kitah for Home Plans to meet your family’s needs.

Kitah for Home:Basic
Our basic plan for your children's online learning

• Three weekly self-guided, asynchronous lessons

• Online oversight and feedback

• One price for the whole family

Kitah for Home:Tutor
Kitah's weekly lessons plus a private tutor via Zoom

• Three weekly self-guided, asynchronous lessons

• Personal student oversight and feedback

• Weekly private tutor via Zoom

• Personalized learning program for your child

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All Kitah for Home students study up to three courses:
1. The Ten Tests of Avraham Avinu – Chumash Bereishit with Rabbi Reuven Spolter
2. Megillat Rut with Mrs. Adina Blaustein
3. Mishnah Masechet Sukkah with Rabbi Reuven Spolter

The Kitah for Home Learning Level
Kitah for Home focuses on text study and skills acquisition, as well as gaining deeper insights into the material. Lessons are geared for students studying in Middle school (grades 5-8) who have the aiblity to read Hebrew texts. Lessons always include translation and explanation, but are not appropriate for children who cannot read and vocalize Hebrew on their own.

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