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Gemara (Talmud) study represents an important part of the Judaic Studies curriculum in Jewish schools around the world. But the study (and teaching) of Gemara requires an entirely new and unique set of skills that require special attention and instruction. These include:

  • Understanding basic Aramaic
  • Recognizing and understanding critical Gemara terms which appear on every page of the Talmud
  • Familiarity with the structure of Gemara, and how it works
  • Understanding the Gemara’s logic and flow

Kitah’s online Gemara program addresses the basic understanding of the words, text and material on the Talmud page. We provide students with the deeper level of understanding for learning Gemara through our uniquely structured weekly lessons.

To try a sample Kitah online Gemara lesson, click here.

How Does it Work?

To address this challenge, Kitah offers a dedicated Gemara track. In this track, Kitah offers a dedicated track for online Gemara learning, designed for students in grades 7 and above. Students receive an on-demand (asynchronous) Gemara lesson each Monday via email. On the following Sunday, students join a group Zoom class to review the Gemara, read it together, and then delve a bit deeper. We help our students to understand not only the logical flow of the Gemara, but also the thinking behind it, and how Talmudic discussions affects the way we live and practice Judaism today.


Kitah Gemara Track costs just $99/monthly for the entire family
(includes one on-demand lesson per week + a weekly Zoom group lesson).

The Kitah online Gemara learning program can be combined together with the Kitah Plus plan for the whole family for $249/monthly
(includes 4 weekly on-demand lessons + 2 Zoom lessons)

What will we be learning?

The 5782 Gemara track will study the Fourth Chapter of Gemara Berachot (beginning at 28a).

When does the Program Begin?

The 5782 Gemara track will begin on Monday, October 4, 2021 (after Sukkot).

“I’d like to learn more! How do we register?”

Fill out your contact info at the top of this page, or here, or email Rabbi Reuven Spolter and we’ll get back to you to schedule a conversation.