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The Online Jewish Classroom for Families and Home Schooling

Are you a Jewish family home schooling your children? Is your child in public or non-Jewish private school? Are you looking for great resources to improve your child’s Jewish learning skills? Kitah is designed as the online Jewish classroom for families like yours.

Join families around the world whose children are already enjoying the Kitah online Jewish classroom program each week.

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Kitah Learning Level (Is Kitah right for you child?)
Kitah focuses on text study and skills acquisition, as well as offering deeper insights into Jewish texts. Lessons are geared for students studying in Middle School (grades 5-8) who have the ability to read Hebrew texts. Lessons always include translation and explanation, but are not appropriate for children who cannot read and vocalize Hebrew on their own.

Choose from our two tracks: Chumash and Navi and/or Mishnah and Gemara
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