Navi Yehoshua Course Description

Course Description: Entering the Land of Israel

Mrs. Adina Ellis

Course Name: Sefer Yehoshua: Entering the Land of Israel
Course Teacher: Mrs. Adina Ellis
Course Details: Yehoshua
Chapters & Verses: Chapters 1:1-10:14
For Grades: 6-8
General Course Description: In this course students will learn a significant portion of the book of Yehoshua, the exciting fulfillment of Hashem’s promise of giving the Land of Israel to His People.

The student will learn the following skills during this course: 

  • Reading Hebrew text 
  • General comprehension of the narrative flow 
  • Recognizing parts of dialogue 
  • Identifying repeating words or phrases in a unit
  • Recognizing the use of synonyms in Biblical text
  • Reading maps

The student will learn the following Judaic knowledge

  • Where sefer Yehoshua fits in the greater context of the Tanach timeline
  • The historical aspect of entering and conquering Eretz Canaan
  • The underlying life lessons and spiritual meaning embedded in the stories

The student will understand:

  • The significance of fulfilling a promise or commitment that has been made
  • The significance of the land of Israel in our lives, then and now
  • The concept of transitions and the importance of ceremony to mark different life events 
  • Interconnection between miraculous military success  and our relationship with and commitment to, following the word of Hashem

Number of lessons: 20
Detailed Lesson Plans: A detailed lesson plan list is coming soon
Sample Lesson:

We are excited to present a sample of the first lesson in Navi Yehoshua. You can progress through the lesson to get a sense of how we present and organize Kitah materials. To access the sample lesson click here.