Kitah for Home:Basic includes:

  • Three weekly asynchronous lessons
  • Oversight and feedback from Rabbi Jonathon Simons, our Kitah for Home teacher

Upon enrollment in the Kitah for Home program, Rabbi Simons will schedule a Zoom meeting to get acquainted and discuss the program. He will assign three (3) lessons per week according to our preset yearly schedule in the following subjects:

1. Chumash Shemot with Rabbi Johnny Solomon
2. Mishnah Berachot with Rabbi Reuven Spolter
3. Gemara Berachot Chapter 4 with Rabbi Reuven Spolter

While most students study all three subjects, some children study two of the three subjects, based on their preferences and learning ability.

Guided, Asynchronous Learning
Kitah learning is asynchronous: there’s no set time or Zoom study. Rather, students do their Kitah assignmets at their own pace over the course of a week.

Kitah for Home Basic is $99/monthly for the entire family.

To learn more:
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