Kitah for Schools brings the power of online learning to Jewish schools, educators, and students.

Today more than ever, teachers and administrators need high-quality digital lessons that they can assign to their students either at home or in the classroom in an easy, simple manner.

Kitah offers digital courses based on the Kahn Academy model, which educate and engage students with skill-based lessons which can be studied asychronously, in a non-frontal learning slot.

Kitah is built for today’s Judaic Studies classroom.

Our current course offerings (click on the image to learn more about the course)

Chumash Shemot 1 – 20 Lessons
Chumash Shemot 3 – 20 Lessons
Chumash Bamidbar 1 – 20 Lessons
Chumash Bamidbar 2 – 14 Lessons
Navi Shmuel 1 – 20 Lessons
Navi Shmuel 2 – 20 Lessons
Megillat Rut – 20 Lessons

How does Kitah work?

Each Kitah course is a series of 20 Judaic-studies lessons deployed via Google Forms, designed to be easily assigned using Google Classroom. In this way, your school’s personal information remains under your control, without the need to use an external website or platform.

Each lesson is divided into sections, which include a short video instruction followed by student participation and feedback.

Each lesson is fully customizable, allowing individual teachers to add, remove and change content to address their educational goals and needs.

Each 30-minute lesson includes approximately ten minutes of video instruction interspersed with interactive questions and activities to keep the student engaged and active in the learning process.

Teachers can oversee the progress of every student in the class with a single spreadsheet.

Who is Kitah for?

We designed Kitah as a tool for teachers to engage students and enhance their learning experience. Teachers can assign Kitah lesson as at-home learning units or in-class activities, which they can follow-up during classroom or group learning time with additional study, follow-up or discussion.

Sounds interesting. Can I see a sample?

Of course. You’ll find a sample of the first lesson in the Mishnah Berachot course here. Watch the first clip to get a sense of how the program works, and click through a few sections of the lesson.

Can a Teacher Customize a Kitah lesson?

Absolutely. Once a school or teachers licenses a Kitah course, they can add or adjust learning material, insert questions, videos or other links – the sky is the limit!

Amazing! How do I get it for my school?

Each Kitah course is available for license on a per-school basis for an academic year. A school license entitles a school to a copy of the entire course which the school can share with an unlimited number of students, in any class or grade in the school.

To learn more, contact Kitah director Rabbi Reuven Spolter.